Carousel 007: the Peep Show mixes audio beats and visual treats


Monday, January 14, 2013

This video clip is from the Eraserheads live music performance at Ottawa's Pressed Cafe, January 5, 2013.


Exhibited with the music were slides from Carousel 007: the Peep Show. The slides mixed pinhole images of neighbours’ private property with found images from Apollo 11—private and public spheres overlapping.


Carousel is an ongoing collaboration between Jennifer Stewart and Omar Rivero. A series of shows in which a Kodak Carousel projector featuring slides is triggered by original music. Carousel has been exhibited as a part of Nuit Blanche and shows with Rivero’s musical project Eraserheads.


The merge of photo and sound create a unique environment which brings the viewer in. Our next project is an installation in which the audience can change the slides/music and alter the atmosphere of the room. The work in progress is titled Carousel 008: Interactive Environments. And will be exhibited as a part of Nature Nocturne, at the Museum of Nature, February 2013.