"Driftwood" video an epic project for Munson and Co

Friday, December 14, 2012



A few months ago, musician Claude Munson approached videographer Craig Allen Conoley between sets at one of his shows and whispered confirmation of what the two had been probing for about a year: “I want to make a video.”


But not just any video. The ever-meticulous Munson envisioned a production of enough quality and substance to herald the release of his eponymous debut CD, Claude Munson & The Storm Outside.


The result is the ambitious, five-minute-long “Driftwood” video released Friday, December 14.


Unlike many of the spontaneously shot music videos currently on offer, this one was a labour of love. To get the project rolling, Munson provided rough cuts from the album and Conoley listened to each track while wandering visually though the lyrics and themes.


“Initially we discussed a concept for ‘Dreamdance,’ the album finale,” recalls Conoley, “but Claude eventually decided on something much more adventurous, much more in tune with the album’s overarching feel and tone; a stop-motion animation for the album’s entre-vous, ‘Driftwood’.”


Conoley notes how the a story depicted in the video is riddled with literal and very symbolic elements. “The boy, the town, the sea and the conflict, have multiple readings—your own readings and cues that point to very universal ideas, but also to local and personal experiences for the artist.”


Conoley credits the evolution of the project from idea to finished video to Ariane Beauchamp, the visual artist behind the visual aesthetic and the album art that inspired the video. 


“Beauchamp created every asset you see in the video,” Conoley says. “She combined Claude’s lyrics with our visual treatment to birth a world that undoubtedly had been tucked away in her mind long before our meeting.”


Shot and produced in Beauchamp’s studio in Ottawa, the stop-motion production involves some 15,000 still images. This despite the fact that no one involved hard worked with stop-motion previously.


“I feel the end result reflects an experimental process in which three artists dared to do something outside of their comfort zones,” says Conoloy, “something that succeeds on many levels.”


Video credits


Directed and edited by Craig Allen Conoley, owner and head of productions at Partus Films.
Video produced by Claude Munson and Craig Allen Conoley
Art by Ariane Beauchamp

Animation by Ariane Beauchamp and Claude Munson
Music by Claude Munson and The Storm Outside,
Produced by Philippe Lafreniere and Claude Munson
Distributed by UP & UP MUSIC