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Local arts stories from clear across Canada

Starting with our March 2012 quarterly edition #31, Guerilla magazine will begin reaching far beyond Ottawa to explore “Canadian culture at ground level.” The publishing philosophy hasn’t changed, but the story possibilities have grown immensely.


Like any organism, to thrive we need to grow. And despite a proliferation of technologies and new media forms, grassroots Canadian culture remains a woefully underexposed natural phenomenon.


What’s appropriate?
Our tag “culture at ground level” remains firmly in place. As such, the magazine will continue to favour stories set in a community context. We’ll publish in-depth, illuminating, and sometimes experimental pieces that present subjects as the naturally occurring and defining features of Canadian communities.


Though we aim to print the magazine again in the future, our ongoing web publishing includes two core content streams:


  • Quarterly editions published in March, June, September, and December
  • Shorter and newsier content published weekly on our g-Gallery page and several times per week on our Blog and Video pages


With equal emphasis on the celebrated and the unknown, the historic and avant-garde, we’ll continue to offer profiles, Q&A interviews, essays, analysis and criticism, fiction and poetry, pictorials, transcripts and dialogues, and other emerging forms of material.


By presenting all subject matter with an inclusive and approachable tone, we’ll both engage and challenge with eye-opening stories rooted in a country of untold cultural breadth and depth.

pays a $50 honorarium to writers, photographers, and graphic artists who make original contributions to our quarterly editions.


Got ideas?
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