• Issue #39

    Spring 2014 – The 10th Anniversary Edition: The many faces of Audrey Hipturn, the 10 events over 10 nights that were the GuerillaCRAWL, short fiction by Missy Marston, Kodachrome photography by Jonathan Lorange, inside Ottawa's indie movie theatres, the crEATive resto-adventure, the story of Guerilla's trailblazing web site, and the story of Guerilla's first decade of culture at ground level.

  • Issue #38

    Winter 2013:The globalized music of Pop Drone; conceptual clay works at the annual 260 Fingers exhibition; Sanita Fejzic’s journey toward androgynous beauty; a time-warping investigation of Ottawa’s most mysterious publisher; and the re-orienting artwork of Raheleh Saneie.

  • Issue #37

    Fall 2013: Featuring animator Theodore Ushev, Rémi Thériault's birth as a biker, chair design through the ages, reversing the Journey of Nishyuu, the introspective photography of Dave Heath, an expansive showing of illustrated worlds, the cabaret-esque music of Gillian Kirkland, and the chaotic visual art of Dagmara Genda.

  • Issue #36

    Summer 2013: Featuring Zach Counsil's breathtaking time on Broadway, the wasteful curiosity of poet Bruce Taylor, the darkening obsession of painter Drew Mosley, a fashionable new face found on Facebook, Guerilla's return to print thanks to like-minded CHUO 89.1 FM, the strange noir visions of Haligonian Seth Smith, Laura Hale's back-to-nature installations, the musical salvation of Michael Dubue, and Guillermo Trejo's conviction that art should be used, not saved.

  • Issue #35

    Spring 2013: The Aboriginal Edition – Featuring the Arrival of the Nishyuu, the rise of A Tribe Called Red, the new Inuit exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada, a rundown of the National Arts Centre's Northern Scene, a peek inside the Haida Cosmos, and an impassioned rant inspired by the film We Were Children.

  • Issue #34

    Winter 2012: The Spiritual Edition – featuring confounded critic Nigel Beale on Ken Babstock's poetry, Petra Halkes on the "intractable mystery" in photos by Lynda Hall, the caligrammes of mystic Pakistan, a Q&A with Ottawa playwright Arthur Miller, a first-person account of surviving cancer with the help of Walter White, and the spiritual reawakening of contemporary art.

  • Issue #33

    Fall 2012: Featuring a teasing, revealing photo exhibition staged by the School of Photographic Arts Ottawa, a contemporary art Swarm in Vancouver, on the road with Halifax troubadour Nick Everett, a film about breaking out and having fun the capital city, an excerpt from an adorable new book about collectables called Hello, Cutie, and a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a magical, musical audio novel on Vancouver Island.

  • Issue #32

    Summer 2012: Maureen Korp examines imagery of displacement in contradictory times, how the death of Edmonton-born painter Mat Lefevre exposed a rotten system in Brooklyn, the feminist-activist Guerrilla Girls are still going ape in New York, Canadian stalwart filmmaker Alex MacKenzie loves the challenge of experimental film, and Victoria, BC has a quirky theatre scene both isolated and innovative.

  • Issue #31

    Spring 2012: Vancouver's paradise paradox, Karina Kraenzle's scanned ephemera, Toronto's multicultural beginnings, Charles Foran's take on Mordecai Richler, Weird and wonderful Nova Scotia folk art, singer Carmela Antonio finds her groove, Montreal's crafty VJ Caroline Blais, and The Lake Effect's revivalist recordings.

  • Issue #30

    Winter 2011: Patti Normand's deadly dioramas, Three Little Birds burst into song, Mitchell Wiebe's underground world, Layercake column: windowsill expression, and the rise of the urban Inuk.

  • Issue #29

    Fall 2011: Louise Bourgeois at the National Gallery, Death of the Drag Queen Sultana, Short fiction "Flood" by Ian Roy, Lightbox art by The Latest Artists, Layercake Column: The Future is Collaborative, Portraits of Sackville's Sappyfest, Surfing photos from the French coast

  • Issue #28

    Summer 2011: Danniel Oickel's sinful songs, Make-believe MiCasa Theatre, Improvised fun with Crystal Basement, Road-tested songstress Amanda Rheaume, Layercake column: The English/French divide

  • Issue #27

    Spring 2011: The Erotica Edition – The Story of Olexandra, Erotic Artists of Ottawa, The Capital Region Sex Survey, Short fiction: The Fruit and Love Affair, Three painters confront carnal chaos, An Ottawa sex researcher cries out, Hot haiku poetry, Layercake column: Whispers of Eros, Inside a Gentleman's club

  • Issue #26

    Winter 2010: False friends on Facebook, Poetry legend William Hawkins, A singin' cowboy with no horse, Nigel Beale on poems that don't suck, Layercake praise for the Gatineau Godess

  • Issue #25

    Fall 2010: Walking tour of Europe's street art, See double at the National Gallery's Pop Life, The fishy photography of Justin Wonnacott, NAC theatre machine Peter Hinton, Darren Grainger's deadly pop art

  • Issue #24

    Summer 2010: The joyful wrath of the PepTides, Jokers of the Scene go global, UOttawa fine arts grad looks ahead, the Ottawa dance scene arises, Road trip to oh-so-cultural Montreal

  • Issue #23

    Spring 2010: King of public art Adrian Göllner, Portraits of GG award winners, The quirky music of Megan Jerome, Shiny metalworker Anna Williams, An improvised gig by John Geggie and friends

  • Issue #22

    Winter 2009: Drumming demon Angie the Barbarian, Querying OAG curator Andrea Fatona, Tracie LeBlanc's ConFashionals, The many faces of rob mclennan, Off-kilter Winnipeg culture, Tiny Tim wannabes photographed by Tony Fouhse

  • Issue #21

    Fall 2009: The art harvest called Field Work, Photos of the KISS Army, Trevor Laalo's absurdist theory, Rolf Klausener and his Acorn                

  • Issue #20

    Summer 2009: Kate Barry falls for a model, An Iranian dancer's leap of faith, Marcus McCann's homoerotic poetry, Revealing photos of Ottawa burlesque

  • Issue #19

    Spring 2009: Two artists in one epic conversasian, Pixie Cram's film script is pure poetry, Kel Morin-Parsons calls out Ottawa culture, Bakery Group's design by nature, Sudden influx of fashion

  • Issue #18

    Winter 2008: Human art engine Ryan Stec, Illustrating the human rights cause, Dancer laments her runaway groom, The Stop Harper paige recalls a summer on the fringe, Recollections of Mark Marsters

  • Issue #17

    Fall 2008: Rockin' barber Patrick Shanks, Graham Thompson's Métis Media Fest, Juliana Pulford's Flamenco journey, Dipna Horra scripted for film, The continued education of Kristy Gordon

  • Issue #16

    May 2008: Tony Fouhse shoots the OAG auction, Ken Emig dances the NAC hexagon, a fairy tale of high fashion, the skinny on three tattoo artists, and Nigel Beale on acquiring good taste.

  • Issue #15

    March 2008: Selections from SPAO student photography, a posthumous conversation with Lenny Breau, Micro-fiction winning entries, and the musical duality of Andrew Tweedy.

  • Issue #14

    November 2007: Animation maestro Nick Cross, roller derby trading cards, Cindy Stelmackowich's morbid thoughts, a risky photographer-model hook up, and an essay on the dangers of artistic full disclosure.

  • Issue #13

    August 2007: Aglow in a fashionable atelier, celebrated chef Steve Vardy, performance artist Cara Tierney, photographer Pedro Isztin's quest in the Americas, and a funny Ottawa native transplanted in Toronto.

  • Issue #12

    June 2007: On the road with Clothes Make the Man, Nichola Feldman-Kiss seek safe harbour in childhood objects, and photographer Angelina McCormick recasts herself as an artist through self portraits.

  • Issue #11

    March 2007: A chat with soaring poet Oni the Haitian Sensation, a unique dining experience at Urban Element, and an up-close look at TV production with reality show host Sylvie Hill.

  • Issue #10

    December 2006: The autumn of sculptor Bruce Garner, a Q&A with Kellylee Evans (way before her Juno days), poetry and fine art hung up on a clothesline, unCanadian indie rock from Relief Maps, and the vivid, painterly dreams of Stephen Clarke.

  • Issue #9

    September 2006: A mobile idea for ArtsCourt development, the huggable art forms of Fabrica Awaku-waku, and the Griot dreams of spoken word poet Anthony Bansfield.

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